Jörg Blecker

Jörg Blecker (白耀伟)

Dipl.-Ing. FH
Executive Manager, Owner
BLECKER ENGINEERS, Braunschweig, Germany

Previously: ConMoto Consulting Group, Munich/Shanghai, Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg AG, Shanghai Volkswagen Co. Ltd, Shanghai, IBM Deutschland GmbH, Mainz/Frankfurt

Professional experience:

IBM Deutschland GmbHAutoVisionVolkswagen KonzernConMoto Consulting Group

  • 1982-1990 IBM Corporation, Mainz, Frankfurt, Hamburg, purchaser, sales consultant

  • 1990-1998 VW Group, Wolfsburg, executive director worldwide purchasing electrics/electronics: VW, AUDI, Seat, Skoda, Bentley, Lamborghini, VW light trucks

  • 1998-2000 VW Group, Wolfsburg, executive director electronics strategy vehicles

  • 2000-2005 Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai/China, board member, deputy MD SVW Sales Company, supervisory board

  • 2005-2006 Autovision GmbH, Wolfsburg, member of the management Wolfsburg AG, member of the management, VW Bordnetze GmbH, chairman of the management

  • 2007-2008 VW Group, Wolfsburg, TOP manager, lean administration

  • 2009-2014 ConMoto Consulting Group, Munich, Senior Partner, two years in China


Joerg Blecker is an internationally experienced consultant, executive in general management, procurement and strategy as well as in supervisory board positions. He has proven strong communications and negotiation skills, strategic thinking and implementation, and leadership.

He is highly experienced in growth strategies, increasing efficiency, and business model development combined implementing these in operations in Germany, China, and the USA. P&L responsibility for 3 companies in the board of management, one as CEO. He designed a worldwide vehicle electronic strategy for VW group and has international hands-on M&A experience.

Joerg Blecker has extensive and longstanding professional and personal networks in the automotive (OEM and supplier), IT, electroncis and service industries and in business and consulting organizations in Germany, China, the USA, and Europe.

He starts his career in the information technology industry at IBM and holds various positions for nearly one decade in purchasing, sales & marketing and software development. After this engagement he continues his professional way in the automotive industry for two decades within the Volkswagen group. He leads the worldwide purchasing organization for vehicle electric/electronics throughout the various Volkswagen brands at the group headquarters.

From 2000 to 2005 he holds the position as deputy managing director and commercial executive vice president of the Chinese automotive market leader Shanghai Volkswagen Co. Ltd. He developed and implemented successfully a restructuring program in order to strengthen the company's competitiveness after China´s entry into the WTO in 2002. He was advisory board member in the VW Sales & Marketing company in China.

After his assignment in Asia he successfully sold a group subcompany with approx. 11.000 employees around the world and negotiated subsidies for a newly local car production in the USA within a site selection process.

Joerg was awarded by the Computerworld Smithsonian Program, Washington/USA, for his achievements of the vehicle electronics strategy, honored by the government of Shanghai with the white magnolia award and held a guest professorship at the Tongji University in Shanghai until 2011.

From 2009 to 2014 he acts as a Senior Partner of the ConMoto Consulting Group GmbH in Munich and developed The automotive and China operation.

Since 2015 he runs his own consulting business.

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  • 1974-1977 VW Braunschweig, toolmaker
  • 1979-1982 University of Applied Sciences, Wolfenbüttel, graduate engineer (Dipl.-Ing. [FH])


  • 2000 Computerworld Smithsonian Award, Washington/USA
  • 2003-2011 Honour Professor, Tongji University, Shanghai/China
  • 2004 Magnolia Award, Shanghai/China
Several seats in supervisory boards
Language skills:
  • German: native language
  • English: fluent in written and spoken
  • Chinese: basic

Mr. Blecker meets Hu Jintao, ex. President, P.R.China

Mr. Blecker meets Hu Jintao,
ex. President, P.R.China

Key projects

  • Reorganization group purchasing in Europe and China
  • Electronics strategy for an automotive group
  • Restructuring of organizations and processes
  • Reorganization program for an automotive group in China (Shanghai)
  • M&A takeover of automotive manufacturer
  • M&A sale of automotive supplier
  • Business model development US market
  • Localization process development China

Branch expertise

  • Automotive and automotive supply industry
  • Railway industry
  • IT industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Service sector
  • Public private partnership

White Magnolia Award of Shanghai

"White Magnolia Award“ of Shanghai


Currently a lot of companies do not have any or at least an incomplete Corporate-Strategy. Very often you find a Corporate-Strategy but which is internally confidential and not known in the Company. A Strategy has to be oriented to customer needs and the success factors. It is essential to internally develop, harmonize, communicate und consequently execute the strategy. All the Funcional- und Process-Strategies have to be orientated along the Corporate-Strategy.

Industry 4.0

In oder to stengthen the own competitiveness it is essential to increase efficiency and productivity double than industry average. To gain prouctivity it is neccesary to automate systems, processes and connect all procces-partner systematically. In praxis there is often a deficit in limited data-structures, data-interconnection and accuracy/quality of data itself.


Currently you see a lot of expamtles in the industry, that Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) has a big impact on company success. If no effektive GRC-Management established or even only fragmented, real risks can threaten the companie´s exitence. To run an effective GRC-Management-System you need good process and structures. Very often we see a lac of focus on systematical and modern data-structures, data-quality and data-integration.


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