Check/Develop Corporate-Strategy

Throughout our work in various industry companies for many years we developed a benchmark-model for a Corporate-Strategy. This tool is aligned to benchmark and successfully used in practical operations for medium sized or even big corporate companies.

With this experience and very structured approach we can check your existing Corporate-Strategy against benchmark or develop a completely new one. It is essential to work with you and your next management level very close together.

The model ist existing of a very structured and step by step approach with the main elements of success factors incl. Industry 4.0.

On the base of the Corporate-Strategy all the functional divisions should build up their strategie and implement them.
We would be very happy if we could deliver an individuell offer to your needs.

Improve Purchasing / Purchasing-Process

We have wide experiences in worldwide operational purchasing responsibilities within various international companies and industries as well as experiences of successful consulting projects.

At the same time we consider the specific customer requirements in their specific environment.

Typical consulting projects are e.g.: development and implementation of a Purchasing-Strategy, Purchasing 4.0, Purchasing-Price-Negotiations, Material-Cost-Optimisation, Purchasing-Process-Optimisation, Category-Management, C-parts-management, Risk-Management, Supply-Chain-Managment, Sourcing-Committee, Simultaneous-Engineering,…..

In principle we start with an analysis phase by using our unique Purchasing-Benchmark-Know-How. This is used for structured and systematic interviews with selected process partners like purchasing, production, logistics, quality, development, sales&marketing, project management, finance.

We ask many questions and analyze all the facts and figures along the whole purchasing process. As a result you will see your postition compared to the benchmark und your individuel SWOT-picture. Also as a result our of the analysis you will receive all the working programs neccessary the effective improve your situation.

You can decide yourselve whether you impelemt the projects by your own or with external support..

Create Professional Industry Expertise

Because of our professional experience and our expert-/benchmark-knowledge we are able to create a professional expertise for our clients. This will be used for judicial proceedings in the case that one of the parties would like to have an outside professional opinion.

To do this we study intensively the existing facts and figures and compere this with common industry approaches.

As needed we are also willing to tell our findings und conclusion at the court session.

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Currently a lot of companies do not have any or at least an incomplete Corporate-Strategy. Very often you find a Corporate-Strategy but which is internally confidential and not known in the Company. A Strategy has to be oriented to customer needs and the success factors. It is essential to internally develop, harmonize, communicate und consequently execute the strategy. All the Funcional- und Process-Strategies have to be orientated along the Corporate-Strategy.

Industry 4.0

In oder to stengthen the own competitiveness it is essential to increase efficiency and productivity double than industry average. To gain prouctivity it is neccesary to automate systems, processes and connect all procces-partner systematically. In praxis there is often a deficit in limited data-structures, data-interconnection and accuracy/quality of data itself.


Currently you see a lot of expamtles in the industry, that Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) has a big impact on company success. If no effektive GRC-Management established or even only fragmented, real risks can threaten the companie´s exitence. To run an effective GRC-Management-System you need good process and structures. Very often we see a lac of focus on systematical and modern data-structures, data-quality and data-integration.


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