General Terms & conditions

The contract is to be executed in accordance with the conditions of a service agreement (§§ 611 ff German BGB). Our recommendations are based on the data and information which are available to us.

BLECKER ENGINEERS shall treat all information concerning the company of which it has received knowledge within the scope of the project strict confidential. The customer in turn obliges itself to utilize the methods used by BLECKER ENGINEERS only for its corporation; it shall not make them available to third parties without the written approval of the consulting firm.

The customer is permitted to terminate the project at the end of each month after giving four weeks' notice. The consulting firm in turn is permitted to withdraw from the contract after giving four weeks' notice, if, despite admonishments, the customer's employees do not perform work to which they are obligated by the deadline, or if they do not perform such work properly. If the contract is cancelled or a party withdraws from it, the consultant's fee will be invoiced based on the actual time spent on the work carried out.

The consulting firm will be paid separately for additional work and steps performed above and beyond the scope of the project, as specified by the presented offer.

The consulting work will be done at xxx and any disputes arising hereunder are to be settled before the Baunschweig/Germany Civil Court.


Currently a lot of companies do not have any or at least an incomplete Corporate-Strategy. Very often you find a Corporate-Strategy but which is internally confidential and not known in the Company. A Strategy has to be oriented to customer needs and the success factors. It is essential to internally develop, harmonize, communicate und consequently execute the strategy. All the Funcional- und Process-Strategies have to be orientated along the Corporate-Strategy.

Industry 4.0

In oder to stengthen the own competitiveness it is essential to increase efficiency and productivity double than industry average. To gain prouctivity it is neccesary to automate systems, processes and connect all procces-partner systematically. In praxis there is often a deficit in limited data-structures, data-interconnection and accuracy/quality of data itself.


Currently you see a lot of expamtles in the industry, that Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) has a big impact on company success. If no effektive GRC-Management established or even only fragmented, real risks can threaten the companie´s exitence. To run an effective GRC-Management-System you need good process and structures. Very often we see a lac of focus on systematical and modern data-structures, data-quality and data-integration.


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